Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Tony's Creation]Char Siu - Barbecue pork

[Prep: N/A| Cook: 40 minutes | Serve: 2 fillets| Calories: N/A ] 


.: Ingredients :.

1- Tenderloin pork (Picnic cut preferred), around 800g)

.: Seasoning :.

Group A
1- Light Soy sauce, 1 tsp
2- Chu Hou sauce, 1/2 tbsp
3- Sugar, 1 tsp

4- Hot water, 100 ml
5- Char Siu sauce, 1 tbsp
6- Salt, 1 tsp
7- Rose essence wine, optional, 2 tbsp
8- Five Spices powder, 1 tsp
9- Cold water, 500 ml
Group B
1- Chu Hou sauce, 1/2 tbsp
2- paprika, optional 1 tsp
3- Hot water, t tbsp
4- Char Siu sauce, 1.5 tbsp
5- Rose essence wine, optional, 1 tbsp
6- Corn starch, 1 tbsp
Group C
1- Honey, 1 tsp
2- Char Siu sauce, 2 tbsp
.: Instructions :.

1- Mix all the Group A Seasoning together (mix the five spices powder, salt, sugar with the hot water until dissolved before adding other seasoning).  Pour the seasoning mixture in a plastic bag with the pork fillet.  Brine it for at least 4 hours.

2- Remove the pork from the seasoning.  Coat it with the Group B seasoning mixture.  Place the pork on a baking pan covered with aluminium foil

- Oven instruction: Preheat the oven with 220 Celsius.  Cover the pork with an aluminium paper.  Roast it for 20 minutes.  Flip the pork to another side.  Roast it for another 15 minutes.
- Halogen Oven instruction:  Put the pork with the baking pan in the low rack.  Roast it for 15 minutes with 200 Celsius. Flip the pork to another side. Roast it for another 10 minutes
3- Remove the pork from the oven. Mix the Group C seasoning and divide it into 2 portions

- Oven Instruction: Brush the first portion of seasoning C on one side of the pork. Drain all the sauce from the baking pan. Put the pork back on the baking pan. Bake it in the oven in 220 Celsius with the oven door opened until it is lightly burned. Take it out and flip it to other side. Brush the rest of the seasoning C. Bake it again until the other side is also lightly burned. (Both sides may need about 5-10 minutes). Take it out and let it rest for 10 minutes. Slices it and serve it in hot
- Halogen Oven Instruction: Same as oven instruction except Baking pan is not needed. Put the pork on the high rack and follow the instruction from the oven section. 

.: Tips :.

1- It recommended getting the pork with about 5 cm thickness.  If not, then please slice the pork yourself.  Otherwise, it will be hard to cook through.
2- To make the pork juicy, Brine is required.  Click here for more detail.
3- To make the pork juicy, meat thermometer is also required.  Once the internal temperature of the meat reaches 68 Celsius, you have to start the Step 3 right the way.  Over cooking the pork won't make it juicy.
4- Step 3 requires a close monitoring.  Adjust the baking time according to your preference
5- In step 2, for halogen oven user, you can cover the pork with aluminum paper to avoid over burning the pork
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